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    www.zope.org The Zope community is one of the largest and most professional open-source communities worldwide. Learn more...
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    en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Zope Zope is a community project concerned with a free and open-source, object-oriented web application server written in the Python programming language.
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    wiki.python.org/moin/Zope Zope provides so much support for some activities that certain kinds of applications can be created and configured in very short periods of time, ...
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      fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Zope Zope est un serveur d'applications web orienté objet, libre, écrit en langage de programmation Python et gérable à partir d'une interface Web.
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      pypi.python.org/pypi/zope.interface Package Description; zope.interface 4.1.3: Interfaces for Python: zope.interface 4.1.2: Interfaces for Python: zope.interface 4.1.1: Interfaces for Python
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      zope2.zope.org Zope is a legacy framework, which is kept alive to support existing applications built on top of it. It is no longer recommended to start new projects based on it ...
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      www.zope.org/the-world-of-zope During more than a decade Zope Corp. and the Zope Community have grown an outstanding set of products and technologies, influencing the general development of Python ...
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      pypi.python.org/pypi/zope.interface/3.7.0 zope.interface README. This package is intended to be independently reusable in any Python project. It is maintained by the Zope Toolkit project.
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      old.zope.org These pages are the remains of the previous, now updated www.zope.org website. /Products gets you zope core products up to Zope2.11, later releases are available from ...
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      old.zope.org/Products All Zope Products. Every Product on Zope.org. Commerce. Products that have to do with buying or selling. Content Object. Products that allow the creation of new ...