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    www.4specs.com/s/06.html 06 - Wood and Plastic Products Specifiers Tech Tips Library - Wood and Plastics. 06 0500 - Common Wood Materials. 06 0520 - Wood and Plastic Fastenings.

    www.nau.edu/uploadedFiles/Administrative/.../Division_6_July_31_2000.pdf DIVISION 6 - WOOD AND PLASTICS Section Title Number NORTHERN ARIZONA UNIVERSITY -Technical Standards (7-31-00) 1 of 4 06100 ROUGH CARPENTRY 06125 Wood Decking
  • 06000; WOOD AND PLASTICS [Standards]

    www.ecu.edu/facility_serv/ConstructionStandards/06000.doc This section contains the requirements relating generally to wood and plastics used in construction; ... Plastic laminate work should usually be A.W.I. "Custom" grade.

      facilities.rutgers.edu/content/media-files/DS2DIV06A.pdf DIVISION 6 - WOOD AND PLASTICS _____ 06000 GENERAL 1. For both woods and plastics, special attention ...
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      www.coloradocollege.edu/dotAsset/8be1f0a6-cc3f-4c2f-8d37-c68991032723.pdf DIVISION 6 - WOOD AND PLASTICS _____ 06100 - ROUGH CARPENTRY A. General 1. Specify species and grade ...
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      drc.ohiolink.edu/bitstream/handle/2374.OX/181286/Deconstruction.pptx Dismantled. Systematic removal of building components in a manner that maintains the value of the item for either reuse or recycling.
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      www.4specs.com/s/spec-library/06 Architectural Specifier's Library - Wood and Plastics ... Quarter and Rift Wood Cuts Are you expecting straight grained wood for your project?
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      buildipedia.com/knowledgebase/division-06-wood-plastics-and-composites Division 06 Wood, Plastics and Composites covers a group of traditional and modern building materials that are used in all types of construction as structural, non ...
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      pratthomes.com/tag/wood-and-plastics More versatile, moisture-resistant and easier to install than solid wood, engineered wood is quickly gaining popularity among consumers. For homeowners […]
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      www.arcat.com/sd/divs/sd_div06.shtml Free Wood, Plastics, and Composites building and construction CSI specifications available in word, rtf and word perfect. These specs can be downloaded and edited ...