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    en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Whip Stockwhips (or stock whips), including bullwhips and the Australian stockwhip, are a type of single-tailed leather whip with a very long lash but a short handle.
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    www.davidmorgan.com/index.php David Morgan is pleased to offer an extensive seletion of braided goods, including whips, belts and hat bands. Our interest in leather braiding arose in teh early ...
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    dictionary.reference.com/browse/whips verb (used with object), whipped or whipt, whipping. 1. to beat with a strap, lash, rod, or the like, especially by way of punishment or chastisement; flog; thrash ...
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      www.urbandictionary.com/define.php A whip has simply come to represent a car. It has been said that it was used a long time ago when a whip would be used to steer the horse-drawn carriages.
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      midwestwhips.com Professionally Handcrafted High-Performance Whips in Kangaroo and Nylon Paracord by Whipmakers Paul Nolan and Lauren Wickline from MidWestWhips.
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      www.murphywhips.com Whipmaker and whipcracker, Michael Murphy offers kangaroo hide whips, as well as supplies. Also offers whipcracking tutorial videos.
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