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    • Table 2: Microsoft’s Mira Partners as of May 2002

      www.pencomputing.com/frames/mira_table2.html Sells webpads and pen tablets. Developing a Tablet PC. Providing hardware for Microsoft’s Mira beta test. Wistron. ODM (Taiwan) No webpads. Developing a Tablet PC ...
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      www.maxperience.com/en/webpads-tablet-pcs/detail/showComment/35647 Webpads & Tablet PCs On my profile: Experience Posts » Add Personal Experience. Personal Experience; Owner; Used to own one; Expert; User;
    • News Week of September 22, 2002 - Tablet PC Talk

      www.tabletpctalk.com/news/news-archive-22-9-2002.shtml News Week of September 22, 2002. Lantronix Intelligent Home Networking Software ... Tablet PC Summit - Webpads and Tablets, Not Just for the Deliveryman (PDF)
    • Rugged PC Review.com - Rugged computing technology primers

      ruggedpcreview.com/2_primers.html Technology Primers. Description and analysis of enabling technologies (by RuggedPCReview staff and contributors) ... Yes, webpads and tablets are nothing new.
    • Before Apple's iPad, There Was Intel's IPAD - CNET

      www.cnet.com/news/before-apples-ipad-there-was-the-intel-ipad-seriously CNET takes you back to 2001, when Intel almost jumped into the tablet ... forgoing an early run at tablets is one of the company's biggest blunders ...
    • The ereader pricing shakeup spells doom for everyone but the ...

      www.teleread.com/.../the-ereader-pricing-shakeup-spells-doom-for-everyone-but... The ereader pricing shakeup spells doom for everyone ... Their saving grace is that their product looks to be better suited to the webpads and tablets of 2011 than ...