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    boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/155/was-sticht This is a two-trump, trick-taking card game, with several twists. At the beginning of the game, players draft tasks they intend to complete in order to win the game.
  • Funagain Games: Was Sticht?

    www.funagain.com/control/product/~product_id=01451/~affiliate_id=dbgs 'What Bit Me?' is the translation for 'Was Sticht?' (or so I am told). The name fits! The card deck consists of four suits each numbered from 1 through 9.
  • Was Sticht? - Game Cabinet

    gamecabinet.com/sumoRulesBank/WasSticht.html Was Sticht? Game by Karl-Heinz Schmiel. Published by Moskito Games. Translated by John Webley. Was Sticht (What trumps? or, What stings?) is a card game for 3 or 4 ...