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    boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/2555/vom-kap-bis-kairo Players attempt to be the first to build a railway route from Cape to Cairo through various terrain types in Africa. Players begin with 100 pounds, which is used to ...
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    www.globetrotter-games.com/game/rules/eKapKai1.htm Vom Kap bis Kairo: Rules. Vom Kap bis Kairo / From Cape to Cairo by Günter Burkhardt . Disclaimer: Jon Schultz did this translation of Adlung’s original English ...
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      boardgamegeek.com/filepage/8744/vom-kap-bis-kairo-summarydoc Pay Dirt: Old Timer, 1899er Mini-Expansion. $5.00. Alien Frontiers: Expansion Pack #5
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      www.boardgamebliss.com/products/vom-kap-bis-kairo Designer Günter Burkhardt Publisher Adlung-Spiele Players 2-4 Playtime 30 mins Suggested Age 10 and up Honors 2002 Fairplay À la carte Winner 2002 Tric Trac Nom
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      www.boardgameprices.com/prices/vomkapbikairo Find the best board game store to buy Vom Kap bis Kairo on BoardGamePrices.com, the web's largest price comparison site to find cheap board games.
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      www.reich-der-spiele.de/kritiken/VomKapBisKairo Wie gut spielt sich Vom Kap bis Kairo? Lesen Sie die Spiele-Rezension zum Kartensspiel Vom Kap bis Kairo - von Reich der Spiele!
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      www.boardgame.de/reviews/kapkairo.htm VOM KAP BIS KAIRO: Author: Günter Burkhardt. Publisher: Adlung Spiele 2001. Awards: none. EVALUATION. The topic of the game is the building of a Railroad from the ...
    • aka pastor guy: #84: Vom Kap bis Kairo (Mark's 100 - 2012)

      akapastorguy.blogspot.com/2012/03/84-vom-kap-bis-kairo-marks-100-2012.html Vom Kap bis Kairo Mark's Ranking. 2012: 84th; 2010: 79th 2005: did not appear BoardGameGeek. rank: 1379; rating: 6.73; Print Status. OOP; Why It's On The List
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