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      en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Twelve-step_Suite The Twelve-step Suite (also known as the Twelve-step Saga or Alcoholics Anonymous Suite), is a set of five songs by progressive metal/rock band Dream Theater.
    • Twelve Steps - Overeaters Anonymous

      www.oa.org/newcomers/twelve-steps The Twelve Steps are the heart of the OA recovery program. They offer a new way of life that enables the compulsive eater to live without the need for excess food.
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      www.twelvestep.co.uk Home Affordable Drug and Alcohol Rehab Centres – UK. Residential or Home – drug and alcohol detox available. Rehab programs from 10 days to 24 months.
    • Alcoholics Anonymous | Learn About The 12 Steps of AA

      www.recovery.org/topics/alcoholics-anonymous-12-step Learn about the Alcoholics Anonymous 12-step program here. Find information about each step and see what treatment options are available in your area.