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    torahcode.org Torah Codes Bible Codes 2D Tables establish that the Torah has descriptive information on events that happen in our history
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    torah-codes.net The Bible code, also known as the Torah Code, is a method described as a "hidden code" of selecting Equidistant Letter Sequences from within the 3,300 year old Hebrew ...
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    www.torahcodes.net/new/pages/top.html Welcome! This site presents the essence of Torah Codes, including the latest advances, summarizing the research from the pioneers of the field.
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      www.realbiblecodes.com realbiblecodes.com is the world's most authoritative site on Torah Bible Codes. It is a collection of the best and most accurate Bible Codes materials written by the ...
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      torahcode.us/torah_codes/documentary/documentary1.shtml A Torah code documentary is being planned for release by December 2014. See the trailer. The purpose of the documentary is to help us recognize ...
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      en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bible_code The Bible code (Hebrew: הצופן התנ"כי ‎, haztofen hatanachi), also known as the Torah code, is a purported set of secret messages encoded within the Hebrew ...
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      torah-code.org Welcome. What are Torah Codes? Why is it necessary to have a proper experiment to determine whether a table can be a candidate for a Torah code.
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      www.mayimhayim.org/Torah%20Codes.htm Articles by various authors. Yeshua in the Torah, specific examples of encoded text, different types of codes, and translation of a Qumran scroll.
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      www.thetorahcodes.com From The Torah Codes series, a Jewish version of The Da Vinci Code. In every generation, 36 righteous must live to prevent the Earth's complete destruction.
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      www.torahcodes.net/new/pages/additional.html October 7, 2015 - Specially marked codes (insignias) "Specially marked codes" are now providing a demonstration of intention like we have never seen before.