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    en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kenji_Tomiki Kenji Tomiki (富木 謙治, Tomiki Kenji?, March 15, 1900 – December 25, 1979) was a Japanese aikido and judo teacher and the founder of competitive aikido (aikido ...
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    en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shodokan_Aikido Shodokan Aikido (昭道館合気道, Shōdōkan Aikidō?) is the style of Aikido founded in 1967 by Kenji Tomiki (富木 謙治 Tomiki Kenji, 1900–1979). [1]

    www.youtube.com/watch Maitre Kenji TOMIKI AIKIDO DE COMPETITION ... STEVEN SEAGAL'S AIKIDO RAN DORI - Part # 1 of 4 - Tai Sabaki - Duration: 32:35.
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      tomiki-aikido.wikispaces.com 11th TAIN International Festival & Aikido World Championships * Tomiki Aikido Wikispace The purpose of these pages is very complex but on the other hand very simple :
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      tomikiaikidodenver.com Just 10 minutes North of Denver in Westminster, Colorado, our Tomiki Aikido Dojo provides Martial Arts training for children and adults.
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      seattletomikiaikido.com No classes January 1/11 through 1/28. Seattle Tomiki Aikido will be closed for a winter vacation from January 11 through 28. The next class is on Monday, February 2.
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      www.americantomiki.com/kenjitomiki.html Kenji Tomiki. 15th March 1900 Kenji Tomiki was born in the town of Kakunodate in Akita Prefecture. He was the eldest son of Shosuke and Tatsu Tomiki.
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      www.windsongdojo.com/aikido.html The nature of aikido allows it to be readily accessible to practitioners of virtually any age, from students to grandparents. (However, the minimum age to begin must ...
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      www.tomikiaikidodenver.com/about-sensei Tanaka Sensei, 8th Dan. Seiji Tanaka began aikido in 1958 at Waseda University studying under Prof. Kenji Tomiki and Prof. Hideo Ohba. He was the first captain of the ...
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      en.shodokanaikido.com The official website for the Shodokan Aikido Federation. Information about aikido, event listings, and the latest news from dojos in Japan and internationally.