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    en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tesla_turbine The Tesla turbine is a bladeless centripetal flow turbine patented by Nikola Tesla in 1913. ... This behaviour is not exclusive to Tesla turbines.
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    tesla-turbines.com The home page of Tesla Turbines. ... This site will show you how to build your own Tesla Turbine for fun and experimentation.
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    www.tesla-turbine.com Tesla Turbine. Review site includes all of the best plans for making your own Tesla Turbine at home. Create your own free energy device.
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      tesla-turbines.com/parts.htm The home page of Tesla Turbines. ... Outer 'A' plate: Inner A plate 'A' plate assembly : Outer Bearing housing (2 required)
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      opensourceecology.org/wiki/Tesla_Turbine Testing of experimental Tesla turbines have yielded efficiency measurements of around 35-40ish%. In other words, better than most internal combustion engines, ...
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      auto.howstuffworks.com/tesla-turbine.htm Introduction to How the Tesla Turbine Works - The Tesla turbine was one of the many inventions of Nikola Tesla, the father of alternating current.