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  • Taiping Rebellion - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Taiping Rebellion; Image of the Battle of Anqing (1861) Date: December 1850 – August 1864: Location: China: Result: Qing victory; Fall of the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom
  • Taiping, Perak - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia,_Perak Taiping Zoo and Night Safari Taiping - First zoo to be established in Malaysia; popular on weekends with day-trippers from out of town; Notable Taipingites
  • Taiping travel guide - Wikitravel Taiping is a town in Perak state, Malaysia. Understand . The name Taiping is made up of two Chinese characters 太 (tai - 'great') and 平 (ping - 'peace').
    • Best Taiping, Malaysia Tips, Things to Do and Travel Guide ... Taiping Travel Guide: 145 real travel reviews, tips, and photos from real travelers and locals in Taiping, Malaysia at VirtualTourist.
    • Taiping Taiping is the largest town of Perak state, a growing tourist destination nestled at the foothills of Bintang Highlands about 70km north of Ipoh or 90km south of Penang.
    • Taiping | Define Taiping at noun 1. a person who participated in the unsuccessful rebellion (Taiping Rebellion) 1850–64, led by Hung Hsiu-ch'üan (Hong Xiuquan), who attempted to overthrow the ...
    • Taiping Blog, Malaysia This website is dedicated to those who were born in Taiping as well as those who have resided and visited Taiping. It aims to inform you The best of what Taiping have ...