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    en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Steelpan There are many different instruments and variations making up the family of steelband instruments. In the beginning of the steelband movement, players would play a ...
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    steelpanstore.com The Steelpan Store is your one stop for all the accessories panists need. Owned and operated completely by panists, this store is for panists by panists.
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    tonyguppy.com/steelpan-steeldrum.htm Steelpan info - history, information, news and photos. The steelpan (often referred to as steel drums)is a percussion instrument which was invented in the islands of ...
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      steelpanmusic.com/the-steelpan The Steelpan The Steelpan – The Instrument. The steelpan which was invented in Trinidad and Tobago was traditionally made from 55-gallon steel drums.
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      www.trinisoca.com/steelpan Steelpan Photos: Tribute to Clive Bradley; Pan History; Desperadoes Steelband; Phase II Pan Yard Trinbago Pan Features: Tribute to the Legend Clive Bradley
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      www.steelpanculture.org/5301/index.html STEELPAN HISTORY. The steelpan or steel drum originated in the Caribbean Island of Trinidad. The stories begin in the 1930's when the African descendants, to express ...