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      animals.about.com/od/sponge1/p/porifera.htm Sponges are a group of simple aquatic invertebrates that include glass sponges, demisponges, and calcareous sponges.
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      www.enchantedlearning.com/subjects/invertebrates/sponge Sponges (poriferans) are very simple animals that live permanently attached to a location in the water - they are sessile as adults. There are from 5,000 to 10,000 ...
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      www.oceanicresearch.org/education/wonders/sponges.html Although they may look plant-like, sponges are the simplest of multi-cellular animals. A sponge is a bottom-dwelling creature which attaches itself to something solid ...
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      www.ucmp.berkeley.edu/porifera/porifera.html Poriferans are commonly referred to as sponges. An early branching event in the history of animals separated the sponges from other metazoans.
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      www.tolweb.org/treehouses What are Sponges Made of? Sponges are made of four simple and independent cells. The first are the collar cells, which line the canals in the interior of the sponge.
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      simple.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sponge Sponges Cnidarians and ctenophores; Nervous system: No: Yes, simple: Cells in layer bound together: No, except that Homoscleromorpha have basement membranes.