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    en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Austin_Osman_Spare Austin Osman Spare (30 December 1886 – 15 May 1956) was an English artist and occultist who worked as both a draughtsman and a painter. Influenced by symbolism and ...
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    hermetic.com/spare Austin Osman Spare Writings and illustrations of a controversial genius outsider artist and visionary esoteric philosopher, including automatic writing, automatic ...
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    www.chaosmatrix.org/library/spare.php Aida, An essay about Spare's 1954 painting "Aida" The Anathema of Zos: The Sermon of the Hypocrite, by Austin Osman Spare: Austin Osman Spare's Obituary, by Kenneth Grant
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      fulgur.co.uk/artists/austin-osman-spare Austin Osman Spare. Biography. Austin Osman Spare (1886-1956) is one of the most influential and innovative figures in twentieth century occultism.

      www.banger.com/spare A digital tribute to ZOS, containing three complete books, including all the illustrations, plus a number of color illustrations.
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      hermetic.com/spare/pleasure.html The Book of Pleasure (self-love) The Psychology of Ecstasy By Austin Osman Spare. Definitions. The words God, religions, faith, morals, woman, etc. (they being ...
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      www.scribd.com/doc/.../Austin-Osman-Spare-A-Note-on-His-Work-by-Ralph-Straus 5/6/11 20:49 Austin Osman Spare § Austin Osman Spare: A Note on His Work by Ralph Straus. Page 1 of 4 http://www.fulgur.co.uk/authors/aos/articles/straus/
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      www.controverscial.com/Austin%20Osman%20Spare.htm Austin Osman Spare (1886-1956) Written and compiled by George Knowles . Austin Osman Spare was an artist, philosopher and occult magician. Like Aleister Crowley with ...
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      spartacus-educational.com/ARTspare.htm A biographical sketch of interest, if only for the total lack of mention regarding Spare's esoteric leanings.
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      www.kheper.net/topics/Hermeticism/Spare.html Kenneth Grant, 1974 "Austin Osman Spare", pp.225-227, in Richard Cavendish, ed., The Encyclopeadia of the Unexplained, Routledge and Kegan Paul, London