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    en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sociology_of_religion Sociology of religion is the study of the beliefs, practices and organizational forms of religion using the tools and methods of the discipline of sociology.
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    www.sociologyofreligion.com International scholarly association that seeks to advance theory and research in the sociology of religion.
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    www.academicroom.com/topics/what-is-sociology-of-religion The sociology of religion concerns the role of religion in society: practices, historical backgrounds, developments and universal themes. There is particular emphasis ...
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      www.sociologyofreligion.net Sociology of Religion Resources is produced by sociologists of religion at the University of Aberdeen to provide resources for students and scholars.
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      en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sociology_of_Religion_(book) Sociology of Religion is a 1920 book by Max Weber, a German economist and sociologist. The original edition was in German. Max Weber studied the effects of religious ...
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      hirr.hartsem.edu/sociology/about_the_field.html The Sociological Study of Religion. Sociology of Religion is the study of the beliefs, practices and organizational forms of religion using the tools and methods of ...
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      sociologyofreligion.sociology.org One of the key arguments in the Athabasca University Sociology of Religion Course (Soci 231) is that Science is like a religion in some ways. In this provocative ...
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      sociology.about.com/od/Disciplines/a/Sociology-Of-Religion.htm Sociologists are interested in several questions about religion: How are religious beliefs and factors related to other social factors like race, age ...
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      www.newworldencyclopedia.org/entry/Sociology_of_religion Historically, sociology of religion was of central importance to sociology, with early seminal figures such as Émile Durkheim, and Max Weber writing extensively on ...
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      www.sociologyofreligion.com/asrjourn.htm Sociology of Religion: A Quarterly Review. The Association's quarterly review is the only English language publication devoted exclusively to the sociology of religion.