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    www.cofco.com/en/AboutCOFCO/Management Mr. Jun LYU Chairman. Mr. Jun LYU graduated from China Agricultural University with a Master's degree of Agricultural Engineering. He joined COFCO in 1993 and used to be the Vice-President of COFCO.
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    www.cofco.com/en Argentina COVID-19 – At COFCO, people protection is key to a healthy supply chain. 2020-04-10 The Latin American country is the biggest exporter of soybean meal and oil.
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    www.cofco.com/en/AboutCOFCO COFCO’s unique advantages in global distribution, fully-integrated value chain, and agricultural innovations, as well as its seat in the world’s largest emerging market make it one of the world’s leading agribusinesses, ready to build even more stable food corridors between the major production areas and the emerging markets.
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    www.cofco.com/en/BrandProduct/MengniuDairy Mengniu Dairy is China's leading and world-famous dairy enterprise, ranking among the top ten dairy enterprises in the world since 2017. Mengniu Dairy (Stock Code: 02319.HK) is China's leading and world-famous dairy enterprise, ranking among the top ten dairy enterprises in the world since 2017.
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    www.cofco.com/en/AboutCOFCO/OurBrands With COFCO owning 65% share and Coca-Cola 35% share, COFCO Coca-Cola Beverage Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as COFCO Coca- Cola) is a partnership between COFCO and the Coca-Cola Company, and is the only Coca-Cola bottling group held by Chinese partner in China.
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    www.cofco.com/en/BrandProduct/COFCOInternational The exclusive platform for COFCO‘s international agribusiness utilizes unified procurement, deployment, investment and development. COFCO International operates with a mature agricultural commodity business model with a strong trading network and asset management capabilities.
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    www.cofco.com/en/BrandProduct/COFCOBiochemical China’s largest domestic corn processing enterprise with advanced technology, providing global customers with food ingredients and additives solutions, whilst also offering clean energy and green biomass materials.
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    www.cofco.com/en/BrandProduct/COFCOTrading Market-based enterprise with the largest scale operation and most established infrastructure in China’s grain distribution industry, serves as the executive agent of import and export of staple food grain such as wheat and corn.
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    www.cofco.com/en/BrandProduct/womai Founded in 2009, COFCO Womai is the first large B2C vertical food e-commerce platform in China, with its position as an e-commerce platform operator for COFCO brands and imported brands by COFCO.
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    www.cofco.com/en/Investors/COFCOBiochemical Stock Code: 000930.SZ Stock Abbreviation: COFCO Biochemical Full Name : COFCO BIOCHEMICAL(ANHUI)CO., LTD.. Main Business : Productions and sales of fuel ethanol, citric acid, lactic acid and secondary products.. Industry Field : Manufacturing/Food Manufacturing. Registered Capital : 964, 411, 115 RMB. IPO Date : Jul 12, 1999. Issuing Price : 6.5 RMB ...