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    www.dxzone.com/tag-toroid OH7SV Windom baluns - Windom baluns for kilowatt range made with two ferrite toroidal cores amidon ... core toroid fed vertical toroid calculator toroid baloons ...
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    www.dxzone.com/dx26868/the-efhw-antenna.html a monoband end fed half wave for 10m 20m or any other hf band. This resource is listed under Antennas/End-Fed/End Fed Half Wave Antenna, at The EFHW antenna resource ...
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    www.dxzone.com/catalog/Antennas/Baluns/more2.php Here is a curation of useful links about Baluns. Balun. Baluns ... Feeding an End-Fed Antenna - End-Fed antennas are NOT balanced ... tipically to host toroid cores.
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    www.dxzone.com/catalog/Antennas/End-Fed/End_Fed_Half_Wave_Antenna End-Fed Halfwave Antenna The end-fed halfwave antenna is a resonant half wavelength long antenna like a dipole antenna except for it is fed at its end rather then in ...