• LF to HF Converter by dxzone.com

      www.dxzone.com/cgi-bin/dir/jump2.cgi LF to HF Converter This converter uses the popular NE602 mixer/oscillator chip and allows reception of signals below 500 kHz on a 3.5 – 4 MHz HF receiver
    • RTL-SDR - Technical Reference: Software Defined Radio: RTLSDR

      www.dxzone.com/catalog/Technical_Reference/Software_Defined_Radio/RTLSDR The DXZone.com list in Technical Reference/Software Defined Radio/RTLSDR a curation of 21 useful links about RTL ... Upconverter - Upconverter MF/HF Converter for ...
    • M1GEO FunCube Upconverter : resource detail

      www.dxzone.com/dx28510/m1geo-funcube-upconverter.html home made hf converter for the funcube dongle. This resource is listed under Technical Reference/Software Defined Radio, at M1GEO FunCube Upconverter resource page ...
    • Upconverter - Manufacturers: Software Defined Radio: Upconverters

      www.dxzone.com/catalog/Manufacturers/Software_Defined_Radio/Upconverters The DXZone.com list in Manufacturers/Software Defined Radio/Upconverters a curation of 7 useful links about Upconverter for RTL SDR.