• ham radio - DX Resources: Callsigns: Vanity Call Signs

      www.dxzone.com/catalog/DX_Resources/Callsigns/Vanity_Call_Signs The DXZone.com list in DX Resources/Callsigns/Vanity Call Signs a curation of 12 useful links about Vanity call sign.
    • Amateur Radio Call Log : resource detail

      www.dxzone.com/dx24388/amateur-radio-call-log.html Amateur Radio Call Log is a basic ham radio logging app for Android 1.5 and above. It stores Date, Time, Station, Freq, Mode, RST, and additional comments.
    • ham radio Software - Software: Databases

      www.dxzone.com/catalog/Software/Databases The DXZone.com list in Software/Databases a curation of 42 ... prefixes and callsigns that are used by amateur radio logging ... You just record the call sign and ...