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    www.dxzone.com/catalog/Antennas/Homebrewing_Techniques The DXZone.com list in Antennas/Homebrewing Techniques a curation of 77 useful links about Antenna construction notes.
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    www.dxzone.com/tag-antenna-homebrew Antennas: 20M. Homebrew Travel Antenna - This is a low cost homebrew two band travel antenna for 20 and 40 meters. It is based on the B&W Travel Antenna concept with ...
  • Homebrew a Buddipole antenna : resource detail

    www.dxzone.com/dx26878/homebrew-a-buddipole-antenna.html Homebrew a Buddipole antenna - related links We thought you might be interested also in these additional resources, currently listed under our Antennas/Portable category:
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      www.dxzone.com/tag-Antenna-Homebrew/5.html Homebrew a 10 meter dipole antenna - Build a 10 Meter Technician Class Dipole antenna. Get on 10 Meters fast with this basic 10 Meter Dipole project by hamuniverse
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      www.dxzone.com/tag-homebrew-vhf-antenna 3 elements VHF yagi antenna - 3 elements VHF Yagi homebrew antenna designed with YAGIMAX 3. Maximum forward GAIN is about 8,17 DBi. This antenna offering an effective ...
    • Homebrew an HF Antenna Tuner : resource detail

      www.dxzone.com/dx28155/homebrew-an-hf-antenna-tuner.html build an hf antenna tuner by vk5ajl. This resource is listed under Antennas/Tuners, at Homebrew an HF Antenna Tuner resource page via dxzone.com ham radio guide
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      www.dxzone.com/tag-homebrew-yagi Antennas: 20M: 20 meter Yagi antennas. A compact 20m yagi - Homebrew a compact yagi antenna for 14 Mhz suitable for those with small plots based on a design by AB4GX
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      www.dxzone.com/catalog/Technical_Reference/Homebrew The DXZone.com list in Technical Reference/Homebrew a curation of 168 useful links about Ham Radio homebrew and home-made, build your own antenna, radio.
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      www.dxzone.com/catalog/Antennas/Homebrewing_Techniques/more2.php Antenna construction notes ... Yagi Element Mounting Considerations - One of the most important considerations when designing and building a Yagi antenna is the ...
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      www.dxzone.com/catalog/Antennas/2M The DXZone.com list in Antennas/2M a curation of 185 useful links about Antenna projects for 144 MHz.