• 6 meter propagation / 9 Links - Page 1

    www.dxzone.com/tag-6-meter-propagation VA2MGL Beacons - Info and specifications on my three beacons on 10 and 6 meter bands. You will find also informations on the propagation for these two band.
  • PA1SIX six meter propagation : resource detail

    www.dxzone.com/dx6305/pa1six-six-meter-propagation.html f2 and te propagation on 6 meter. This resource is listed under Propagation/Resources, at PA1SIX six meter propagation resource page at dxzone.com ham radio guide
  • Propagation - Propagation: Resources - The DXZone Amateur ...

    www.dxzone.com/catalog/Propagation/Resources The DXZone.com list in Propagation/Resources a curation of 87 useful links about Radio wave propagation links for amateur radio.
    • 10 meter propagation / 15 Links - Page 1

      www.dxzone.com/tag-10-meter-propagation CB Radio: DXing. CB DXPacific Propagation Priority listing - Eleven meter world-wide propagation predictions for South Pacific updated monthly. Also, Near Real-Time ...
    • 11 meter propagation / 5 Links - Page 1

      www.dxzone.com/tag-11-meter-propagation CB Radio: Personal Pages. 43AX101 Ben Priority listing - Home page of 43AX101- Ben. Practical informative site for 11-meter operators DX-ing the South Pacific, DIY ...
    • Propagation Forecast - Propagation: Propagation Forecast

      www.dxzone.com/catalog/Propagation/Propagation_Forecast The DXZone.com list in Propagation/Propagation Forecast a curation of 21 useful links about Propagation forecast.