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      www.sinojapanesewar.com The First Sino-Japanese War was fought between Qing China and Meiji Japan officially from . Aug 1, 1894 to April 17, 1895 ( fighting broke out on July 25, 1894 ) over ...
    • Sino-Japanese War | HISTORY

      history.co.uk/study-topics/history-of-ww2/sino-japanese-war In the 1930s, China was a divided co ... There were about 800 Japanese present, some of whom were in sedan chairs . . . the binding of prisoners and shooting kept up ...
    • Second Sino-Japanese War (1937 – 1945) Summary & Facts

      totallyhistory.com/second-sino-japanese-war The Second Sino-Japanese War began on July 7, 1937 and ended on September 9, 1945 after Japan surrendered to China and the Allied forces. This war ign
    • First Sino-Japanese War History (1894-95)

      asianhistory.about.com/od/warsinasia/a/First-Sino-Japanese-War.htm Learn about the First Sino-Japanese War of 1894-95, in which Japan wrested control of Korea away from China.
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      uncyclopedia.wikia.com/wiki/Sino-Japanese_War The Sino-Japanese War was a massive conflict fought between Japan and China during the mid-1800s. Possibly one of the deadliest wars in Asian history, the ...
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      www.britannica.com/event/Sino-Japanese-War-1937-1945 Sino-Japanese War, (1937–45), conflict that broke out when China began full-scale resistance to the expansion of Japanese influence in its territory (which had ...
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      www.infoplease.com/encyclopedia/history/sino-japanese-war-first.html Sino-Japanese War, First, 1894–95, conflict between China and Japan for control of Korea in the late 19th cent. The Li-Ito Convention of 1885