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    www.scientology.org Learn about Scientology, beliefs & practices, founder L. Ron Hubbard, Church religious leader David Miscavige. What is Scientology? What do Scientologists believe?
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    en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Scientology The Scientology symbol is composed of the letter S, which stands for Scientology, and the ARC and KRC triangles, two important concepts in Scientology.
  • Scientologi – Wikipedia

    sv.wikipedia.org/wiki/Scientologi Scientologi är en nyreligiös rörelse skapad av den amerikanske författaren L. Ron Hubbard (mest känd för science fiction men även för western, fantasy, med mera).
    • Operation Clambake - The Inner Secrets Of Scientology

      www.xenu.net The Church of Scientology is a cult that destroys people, so it needs to be exposed. To back up this strong claim I need to collect some of their secret literature.
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      www.beliefnet.com/Faiths/2001/06/What-Scientologists-Believe.aspx What Scientologists Believe Central tenets of Scientology, based on the questions in the Belief-O-Matic quiz.
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      en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Church_of_Scientology The Church of Scientology is an organization devoted to the practice, administration and dissemination of Scientology, a new religious movement.
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      www.scientology-stockholm.org Scientologi-kyrkan i Stockholm, Sverige, hälsar dig välkommen att ta reda på vad Scientologi ock Dianetik kan göra för att lösa relationsproblem och öka den ...