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    busycooks.about.com/od/sandwichspreads/a/sandwichspreads.htm Sandwich spreads are some of the best make ahead meals. When your family is in and out of the house, eating at different times and with different appetites ...
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    busycooks.about.com/od/sandwichspreads Sandwich Spreads Recipes. Sandwich spreads are the perfect food to keep in your fridge to feed hungry teenagers. These delicious recipes are hearty and easy to make.
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    www.cooksrecipes.com/.../sandwich_salad_filling_and_spread_recipes_01.html Find deliciously easy, family-pleasing recipes for sandwich salad fillings and spreads, including Egg Salad Supreme, Savory Three-Cheese Spread, Hawaiian Ham Spread ...
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      www.recipegoldmine.com/sandwichcold/sandwichcold.html Cold Sandwiches and Sandwich Spreads and Fillings, page 1. page 1 | 2. ABC Sandwich; Abuelita and Banana Sandwiches * Alaska Salmon Salad Sandwich
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      www.natco-online.com/acatalog/info_CP18.html Bombay Sandwich Spread 280g bottle. Ref: A2201. If you have been to India recently you will probably have tried a Bombay Sandwich - a plain sandwich or naan filled ...
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      en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_sandwiches List of sandwiches This ... or spreads: Sol over Gudhjem: Denmark: An open-faced ... Two slices of bread with various fillings, toasted in a sandwich toaster. Tofu ...