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    catholicsaints.info/saint-maro CatholicSaints.Info profile of Saint Maro. ... Saint Maro. Also known as. Maro of Beit-Marun; Maron; Memorial. 14 February; Profile. ... Friend of and greatly revered ...
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    www.catholiclinks.org/santossaintmaro.htm Saint Maro of Beit-Marun/Maroun . Saint Maro of Beit-Marun/Maroun; Saint Maro of Beit-Marun/Maroun; Saint Maro of Beit-Marun/Maroun; Saint Maro of Beit-Marun/Maroun ...
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    www.stanthonysparish.com/saints/stmaron.htm Saint Maron: Historical Reference "Historia Religiosa", written by Theodoret of Cyrrhus around 440 A.D. is our only source on St. Maroun’s biography.
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      www.aquinasandmore.com/fuseaction/store.patronsaintpage/saint/553 Feast Day: Roman Rite Calendar - 02/14 Patron Of: Maronite Christians, Machinists . Also known as * Maro of Beit-Marun * Maro Memorial * 14 February
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      www.dmoz.org/Society/Religion_and_Spirituality/.../Saint_Maro_of_Beit-Marun ... Religion and Spirituality: Christianity: People: Saints: M: Saint Maro of Beit-Marun (2) Maro - Profile, with ... "Saint Maro of Beit-Marun" search on: ...
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      vaby.net/saint-maro-of-beit-marun.html VAby.net, Holy See (Vatican City), Information about Saint Maro of Beit-Marun
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      www.catholiclinks.org/santosisantosM.htm Catholic Church. Saints "M" Other Languages. Saint ... Saint Maro of Beit-Marun/Maroun; Saint Martha; Saint Martial; Saint Martial; Saint Martin I, Pope;
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      en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Maron Maroun (also Maron or Maro; Syriac: ... Saint Maroun is often portrayed in a black habit garment with a hanging stole, ...
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      www.aboutus.com/Category:Saints Category:Saints. Related Categories ... Saint Jude Thaddeus Saint Lawrence Saint Lawrence Ruiz Saint Maro of Beit-Marun Saint Meinrad Saint Nicholas of Myra Saint ...
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      www.aboutus.com/Maroun.org Maroun.org - Saint Maroun ... Title. Maroun.org - Saint Maroun Description. Maroun.org - Saint Maroun consecrated the temple of god Nabo for divine christian worship.