• Welcome to St. Eanswythe's School - St. Eanswythes School

      www.st-eanswythes.kent.sch.uk St. Eanswythes School. In Science we have been learning all about materials and their uses. Today we combined our science topic with our general topic of fire.
    • Eanswyth September 12 - Synaxarion

      www.synaxarion.org.uk/11SouthEastSaints/Eanswyth/Eanswyth.html Saint Eanswyth Abbess. Reposed 640 Remembered September 12. St Eanswyth was an Anglo-Saxon princess, a daughter of the king of Kent. She was the first royal to ...
    • 31 August ~ St. Eanswythe - Rev. Peter M Preble

      www.frpeterpreble.com/2013/08/31-august-st-eanswythe-2.html In art, Saint Eanswyth is portrayed as a crowned abbess with a book and two fish. She is venerated at Folkestone, where her image is incorporated on its seals.