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    cnyorthodoxchurch.org/files/Bulletin-2014.02.09.pdf Saint Cronan the Wise, Bishop (+8 c.). Saint Cuaran the Wise, Bishop (+ca. 700). Saint Eingan of Llanengan, Hermit ... Microsoft Word - Bulletin 2014.02.09
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    www.everything2.com/title/Saints+%2528all%2529 Saint Cuaran the Wise Saint Cuthbert Saint Cyprian of Carthage Saint Cyprian of Toulon Saint Cyril Saint Cyril of Alexandria Saint Cyril of Constantinople
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    vaby.net/saint-conal.html Saint Cuaran the Wise. Vatican City. St. Conal - Or Conall. Bishop of Drum, County Roscommon--now called Drumconnell, after the saint. Blood brother of St. Attracta.
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    groups.yahoo.com/group/celt-saints/message/2953 Celtic & Old English Saints is a Public ... St. Alto of Altomuenster * St. Cronan the Wise * St. Cuaran the Wise * St. Eingan of Llanengan ... Saint Cuaran was ...