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    www.glorantha.com/product/runequest-6th-edition Product Description RuneQuest – Sixth Edition of the Iconic Roleplaying Game. Created in 1978 by Steve Perrin, Ray Turney and friends, RuneQuest is the classic ...
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    en.wikipedia.org/wiki/RuneQuest RuneQuest is a fantasy role-playing game first published in 1978 by Chaosium, created by Steve Perrin and set in Greg Stafford's mythical world of Glorantha.
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    runequest.org/rq.htm Like the site? Vote here. RuneQuest News. What Is Roleplaying? What Is RuneQuest? The History of RuneQuest. Bio. Pete's Non-Game Favorites: Books, Comics, and ...
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      www.thedesignmechanism.com/runequest.php RuneQuest Fan Policy. Lots of people want to share their love of, and enthusiasm for, RuneQuest with the wider world. They want to use blogs and website to show what ...
    • The History of RuneQuest

      www.maranci.net/rqpast.htm The Early Days. Just a quick note on the early history of RuneQuest. The first person to try to do a Gloranthan RPG was Dave Hargrave, using his Arduin Grimoire rules.
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      runequest.livejournal.com Mongoose RuneQuest SRD: A Long and Detailed Review Introduction. My introduction to RuneQuest was in 1981 as the first role playing game I participated in.
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      www.thedesignmechanism.com/why-choose-runequest.php Why Should I Choose RuneQuest? For more than 30 years RuneQuest has figured amongst the great roleplaying games. Here are a few reasons why... Intuitive: RuneQuest's ...
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      www.rpg.net/reviews/archive/15/15749.phtml RuneQuest 6th Edition (or RQ6) is the newest iteration of the classic RuneQuest game. It's designed by Pete Nash and Lawrence Whitaker and publisher by their new RPG ...
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      index.rpg.net/display-entry.phtml RuneQuest (RQ) was one of the first skill-based roleplaying games, and also one of the earliest with a strong setting: Greg Stafford's mythical world of Glorantha.
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      www.glorantha.com Glorantha is one of the oldest and best-defined fantasy roleplaying settings. ... (including HeroQuest, RuneQuest, and 13th Age in Glorantha), and computer games ...