• Response to Critics - The Big Fat Surprise: Nina Teicholz

    thebigfatsurprise.com/response-critics This post goes hand-in-hand with the Research FAQs page. Please head there for more information. For reporters writing about me or The Big Fat Surprise, please see this
  • RESPONSE TO CRITICS - Gary Schwartz

    www.drgaryschwartz.com/RESPONSE-TO-CRITICS.html Their are basically three kinds of critics of this kind of research. It helps to classify critics in the context of evaluating and responding to their criticisms.
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    www.csustan.edu/history/response-critics General Response to Critics. Though my book, From Darwin to Hitler, has received many positive reviews, it has also aroused some criticism. Unfortunately, many of my ...
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      carm.org/responding-to-critics CARM's response to some of the critics such as Lou Rugg (ruggerio), Cheryl Schatz, Dan Corner, cesnur, Troy Brooks, and others.
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      en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Criticism Point of view from which the criticism is made ("in what framework", "from what angle or perspective" is the criticism made). Content of criticism, what it consists ...
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      www.huffingtonpost.com/sam-harris/a-response-to-critics_b_815742.html Among the many quandaries a writer must face after publishing a controversial book is the question of how, or whether, to respond to criticism.