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      europeanhistory.boisestate.edu/westciv/peloponn Table of contents for Skip Knox's essay on the Peloponnesian War.
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      encyclopedia2.thefreedictionary.com/Peloponnesian+War Peloponnesian War (pĕl`əpənē`zhən), 431–404 B.C., decisive struggle in ancient Greece between AthensAthens , Gr. Athínai, city (1991 pop. 2,907,179; 1991 ...
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      www.history.com/topics/ancient-history/.../the-peloponnesian-war Athens' military campaign against the Peloponnesian League that eventually ended the Greek Golden Age, as told by musician and artist Jeffrey Lewis.
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      www.livius.org/pb-pem/peloponnesian_war/peloponnesian_war.html Peloponnesian War: name of the conflict between Athens and Sparta that broke out in 431 and ... the Peloponnesian League dared to send a fleet to the Aegean Sea.