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  • It's the End of Murmurs As We Know It - April 26, 1996 - May ... was the home of R.E.M. news and community since 1996. Since the band has moved on, and since I (Ethan) have two kids, a job, etc now, it's time to move on ...
  • What Is a Heart Murmur? - NHLBI, NIH A heart murmur is an extra or unusual sound heard during a heartbeat. Murmurs range from very faint to very loud. Sometimes they sound like a whooshing or swishing noise.
  • Heart murmur - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Heart murmurs are heart sounds produced when blood flows across one of the heart valves that is loud enough to be heard with a stethoscope. There are two types of ...
    • Murmur | Define Murmur at Murmur definition, a low, continuous sound, as of a brook, the wind, or trees, or of low, indistinct voices. ... to sound by murmurs. 9. to utter in a low tone:
    • Heart Murmurs Causes, Treatments, Types, and More - WebMD WebMD explores the possible causes of heart murmurs, as well as treatment options and prevention.
    • Heart murmurs - Mayo Clinic Heart murmurs — Comprehensive overview covers symptoms, causes, treatments of abnormal heart sounds.