pediatrics.aappublications.org/content/37/3/423.abstract Abstract. Skin testing with mumps virus antigen solution was performed in 50 children with clinically diagnosed primary E.F.E. (Group I), and in 202 ...
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      www.mybiosource.com/prods/Antigen/Mumps-Virus-Antigen/datasheet.php Buy Mumps Virus Antigen antigen, Mumps Virus Antigen ... The Mumps antigen is inactivated by ultraviolet light and is tested for infectivity prior to release.
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      www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC2561204 Mumps antigen. Mumps antigen was prepared from lysates of Vero cells inoculated with live mumps virus vaccine (Mumps-vax; Merck) containing >20,000 TCID 50.
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      www.sgh.com.sg/Clinical-Departments-Centers/Pathology/.../mumps-antigen.aspx Lab Section Category: Virology Click here to find out more about the write-up. Specimen Required: Nasopharyngeal aspirate or saliva in 1 – 2 mL sterile saline
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      thecandidaremedy.com/candida/candida-mumps-antigen Candida Mumps Antigen these are sold as pills capsules or teas which you may use daily. There are those people which prefer to prepare the herbal supplements themselves.
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      meridianlifescience.com/products/Antigens/mumps.html The Mumps antigen product #8099 is prepared from a glycine extraction of LLC-MK2 cells infected with the Mumps virus strain Enders (ATCC).
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      soapware.screenstepslive.com/.../233864-measles-antigen-mumps-antigen-or-rube... Measles Antigen, Mumps Antigen or Rubella Antigen (observation items) LOINC Codes. Measles 21500-4, 21501-2, 21502-0, 22498-0, 22499-8, 22501-1, 22502-9, ...