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      www.dogster.com/dog-breeds/Mi_Ki Mi ki Dogs. Though small and cute, the Mi-Ki is alert, friendly and full of personality. Around the home it is gentle, loving and affectionate. The Mi-Ki is also ...
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      sofinemikis.com Ethical show Mi-Ki breeder of healthy Mi-Ki puppies in northern Indiana. Offering three year health guarantee for these adorable, little dogs that are non shedding ...
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      www.animalplanet.com/tv-shows/dogs-101/videos/mi-ki Dogs 101 Mi-Ki. The word Mi-Ki has many meanings, but in the animal world it is a new breed of dog. 03:05
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      www.mi-kibreedersusa.com Our breeders know their Mi-Kis will touch your heart and make you smile. Find your breeder. The Mi-Ki is an elegant dog with a stylish bearing yet sturdy.
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      www.pets4you.com/miki-dog.html Mi-Ki puppies for Sale by Reputable Breeders. Loving, calm and friendly even toward strangers; a small adorable dog not prone to excessive barking. Easy to train.
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      www.americanmi-kiregistryassociation.com The American Mi-Ki Registry Association is dedicated to the verification and registration of purebred Mi-Ki dogs and puppies along with promoting the advancement and ...
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      rarebreed.com/breeds/miki/miki.html Rare Dog Breed: Toy Mi-Ki Information at a glance: Height: up to 11 in./up to 28 cm. Weight: 5-8 lb./2-4 kg. Group: Companion: Life Span: Into teens: Disposition: