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    en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tel_Megiddo Megiddo (Hebrew: מגידו ‎; Arabic: مجیدو ‎, Tell al-Mutesellim, "The Tell of the Governor") is a tell in northern Israel near Kibbutz Megiddo, about 30 ...
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    www.bible-archaeology.info/bible_city_megiddo.htm Megiddo: Is this where it will all end? Is this Armageddon? Megiddo: photographs of the art treasures, excavations of ancient temples, models of this sophisticated city
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    www.bibleplaces.com/megiddo Pictures and text illuminating the biblical site of Megiddo
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      www.britannica.com/place/Megiddo Megiddo, modern Tel Megiddo, important town of ancient Palestine, overlooking the Plain of Esdraelon (Valley of Jezreel). It lies about 18 miles (29 km) southeast of ...
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      dictionary.reference.com/browse/megiddo noun 1. an ancient city in N Israel, on the plain of Esdraelon: site of many battles; often identified with the Biblical Armageddon.
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      www.bibarch.com/archaeologicalsites/megiddo.htm The mount of Megiddo, according to the New Testament book of Revelation, is once again to host one of the world's major armies in a immense conflict between East and ...
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      en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Megiddo Megiddo may refer to: Tel Megiddo, site of an ancient city in northern Israel's Jezreel valley; Megiddo Airport, a domestic airport in Israel; Megiddo church (Israel)
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      www.jewishvirtuallibrary.org/jsource/vie/Megiddo.html Archaeologists working in Megiddo have unearthed an incredible 25 layers of settlement built on top of each other that cover a period of 35 centuries.
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      www.imdb.com/title/tt0263728 Megiddo is a supernatural ride into a world teetering on the edge of the Apocalypse. It follows the rise of a Machiavellian leader bent on amassing the armies of the ...
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      www.seetheholyland.net/megiddo Israel . Megiddo, named in the Book of Revelation as the setting for a future battle between the forces of good and evil, is for archaeologists perhaps the most ...