• Medieval and Renaissance Fact and Fiction

      www.angelfire.com/mi/spanogle/medieval.html A categorized listing, with links, of resources available on the Web about the history, culture, literature and re-creation of the Middle Ages and Renaissance.
    • SELF-GUIDE Medieval and - Renaissance Art

      www.artic.edu/aic/collections/citi/resources/Rsrc_001625.pdf Introduction The medieval period, also called the Middle Ages, took place from about the 5th century to the 14th century. Most medieval art was made for churches and ...
    • Medieval and Renaissance: Minstrels, Songs & Dances

      www.amazon.com/Medieval-Renaissance-Minstrels-Songs-Dances/dp/B000002NR5 Trouvere Tunes; The Cabinet Organ; Minstrel Melodies , and more, all played on the original instruments! Sample this album Artist (Sample) 1 30 Renaissance Song ...
    • Medieval and Renaissance Studies – New College of Florida

      www.ncf.edu/academics/undergraduate-program/.../medieval-renaissance-studies Why Study Medieval and Renaissance Studies at New College? Small class sizes and lots of personal interaction with faculty who are experts in the field are hallmarks ...
    • Medieval and Renaissance Texts and Studies | ACMRS

      acmrs.org/publications/mrts Call for Book Proposals. Professor Robert E. Bjork, Director Arizona Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies Arizona State University PO Box 874402
    • Medieval and Renaissance Studies - Purdue University

      www.cla.purdue.edu/medieval-studies Medieval and Renaissance Studies. Medieval and Renaissance Studies (MARS) is an interdisciplinary major in which students take courses in both the Middle Ages or the ...
    • Medieval and Renaissance Mysteries

      community.plu.edu/~egbersgl/medieval.html Medieval, "belonging to the Middle Ages," is used here to refer to...from the period following upon the fall of Rome in 476...to the end of the 15th century .