• Media Literacy | Education.com

      www.education.com/reference/article/Ref_Media_Literacy_3 Many advocates and educators have moved toward media literacy as a way to educate young people about the role media play in their lives.
    • The Definition of Media Literacy

      medialiteracy.net/media-literacy Media literacy is the ability to “read” television and mass media. Media literacy education teaches people to ACCESS, ANALYZE, EVALUATE, and PRODUCE media.
    • Media Literacy Defined | National Association for Media ...

      namle.net/publications/media-literacy-definitions The Basic Definition Within North America, media literacy is seen to consist of a series of communication competencies, including the ability to ACCESS, ANALYZE ...
    • Center for Media Literacy

      www.medialit.org Advocate for media literacy education. Develops and distributes books, videos, teaching materials, and other programs that promote critical thinking about the media.
    • Dr. Peter DeBenedittis – Media Literacy for Prevention ...

      medialiteracy.net Research, information and materials by media literacy speaker and consultant Peter DeBenedittis, Ph.D.
    • Media Literacy Lessons

      www.ncte.org/lessons/media-literacy Lesson plans for media literacy. ... Paying Attention to Technology: Writing Technology Autobiographies In this lesson plan, students brainstorm lists of their ...
    • Media Literacy Project | Access. Analyze. Create.

      medialiteracyproject.org Aims to help people become more critical consumers of media messages. Provides teaching and multimedia resources, presentations, and training nationwide.