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    www.eyewitnesstohistory.com/snpwwi2.htm The Lusitania made her maiden voyage from Liverpool to New York in September 1907. Construction had begun in 1903 with the goal of building the fastest liner afloat.
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    en.wikipedia.org/wiki/RMS_Lusitania RMS Lusitania was a British ocean liner, holder of the Blue Riband, and briefly the world's largest passenger ship until the completion of her running mate Mauretania.
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    www.history.com/topics/world-war-i/lusitania Find out more about the history of Lusitania, including videos, interesting articles, pictures, historical features and more. Get all the facts on HISTORY.com
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      history1900s.about.com/cs/worldwari/p/lusitania.htm After the Lusitania was sunk by a German U-boat on May 7, 1915, the loss of American citizens swayed opinion in the US in favor of joining World War I.
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      www.rmslusitania.info Lusitania Remembered – Centennial Events Recap Welcome to The Lusitania Resource! This site is dedicated to the passenger ship RMS Lusitania and her passengers and ...
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      www.britannica.com/topic/Lusitania-British-ship Lusitania, British ocean liner, the sinking of which by a German U-boat on May 7, 1915, contributed indirectly to the entry of the United States into World War I.
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      www.lusitania.net Welcome to Lusitania Online The home port of RMS Lusitania on the web since 2000
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      www.pbs.org/lostliners/lusitania.html Text excerpted from Lost Liners, courtesy of Madison Press Books. The Lusitania carried a healthy complement of American passengers when she departed New York for ...
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      en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lusitania Lusitania (/ ˌ l uː s ɪ ˈ t eɪ n i ə /, Portuguese: Lusitânia, Spanish: Lusitania) or Hispania Lusitana was an ancient Iberian Roman province including ...
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      dictionary.reference.com/browse/lusitania Lusitania [(looh-suh-tay-nee-uh)] A British passenger ship sunk by a German submarine off the coast of Ireland in 1915. Germany, then at war with Britain but not with ...