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    • Lithuanian language, alphabet and pronunciation - Omniglot Lithuanian (lietuvių kalba) Lithuanian is a Baltic language related to Latvian and Old Prussian with about 3.2 million speakers in Lithuania.
    • Lithuania: History - Infoplease Lithuania. History Early History to the Nineteenth Century. The pagan Liths, or Lithuanians, may have settled along the Nemen as early as 1500 B.C.
    • Lithuania - US Department of State More information about Lithuania is available on the Lithuania Page and from other Department of State publications and other sources listed at the end of ...
    • Behind the Name: Lithuanian Names The etymology and history of first names. ... VYTAUTAS m Lithuanian From the Baltic elements vyti-"chase, drive away" or vyd-"see" combined with tauta "people, nation"
    • Lithuanian phrasebook - Wikitravel Lithuanian is the official language of Lithuania and is spoken by about 4 million native speakers. The language belongs to the Baltic branch of the Indo-European family.
    • Lithuanian | Define Lithuanian at adjective 1. of or relating to Lithuania, its inhabitants, or their language. noun 2. a native or inhabitant of Lithuania. 3. a Baltic language, the official language ...
    • Lithuanians - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Lithuanians (Lithuanian: lietuviai, singular lietuvis/lietuvė) are the Baltic ethnic group, native to Lithuania, where they number around 2,561,300 people. [3]