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      www.sarahsdogs.com/breeds/kyi-leo A Kyi-Leo is a fairly new breed with a registered trademark sign affixed to its breed name. This is due to the fact that the Kyi-Leo is a copyrighted breed.
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      www.breeders.net/Kyi-Leo.html Kyi-Leo guides are your source for Kyi-Leo photos, profiles and information about the Kyi-Leo breed. Find up to date articles and stories from other owners.
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      www.dogster.com/dog-breeds/Kyi_Leo A must-read on Kyi Leos: information, pictures, temperment, personality, training tips, breed comparisons, puppies, community, Kyi Leo adoption and rescue.
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      www.dogchannel.com/kyi-leo-dogs-breed-profiles.aspx Kyi-Leo Rare Dog Breeds. This eclectic group of ancient dog breeds is anything but ordinary. To describe the dog breeds in this group as "rare" is entirely relative.