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    en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Indigo_children Indigo children, according to a pseudoscientific New Age concept, are children who are believed to possess special, unusual, and sometimes supernatural traits or ...
  • The Indigo Child and How To Recognize One

    www.2012-spiritual-growth-prophecies.com/indigo-child.html The indigo child is here to bring us closer to our true essence. We think our minds are separate because of our bodies. These children know differently.

    www.indigochild.com What is an indigo Child? As a summary, here are the ten attributes that best describe this new kind of child, the Indigo Child
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      indigochildren.com/indigo-children Are you an Indigo Child? TAKE THE TEST. There are some common traits Indigo Children share through which we recognize ourselves and each other. Below is an outline of ...
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      www.indigochildren.net/what-is-an-indigo-child Many people are asking "what is an Indigo Child". If you have been wondering who are the Indigo Children then read this. You will gain a better understanding of
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      indigochildren.com Indigo Children are sensitive, intuitive, intelligent warriors with a life purpose greater than themselves. We create a healthy, conscious lifestyle to achieve that ...