• In School Programs - DreamYard Project

    dreamyard.com/programs/in-school-programs About In School Programs DreamYard is helping to transform Bronx public schools through the power of collaborative, project-based arts learning.
  • In-School Programs - Mark Twain House

    marktwainhouse.org/programs/inschool_programs.php In addition to providing these programs as part of your field trip experience, any of our writing workshops or other presentations can be brought to your school.
  • In-School Programs - riograndecouncil.org

    www.riograndecouncil.org/programs/cub-scouts/in-school-programs/48186 In School Scouting. This pilot program for selected locations is providing a premier Cub Scout program for boys from 3rd to 4th grades. The program is an emphasis on ...

      schoolprogramsusa.com School Programs USA is America's choice for nationwide School Assembly Programs, Fundraisers, Parent Education, Leadership Programs and Entertainment.
    • Prevention at School | StopBullying.gov

      www.stopbullying.gov/prevention/at-school/index.html Prevention at School Bullying can threaten students’ physical and emotional safety at school and can negatively impact their ability to learn.
    • Colorado Symphony In school Programs

      www.coloradosymphony.org/Education/In-school-Programs In-School Programs. Music of Life – Grades: 2 - 5. CURRICULAR CONNECTIONS: Music, Life Science COST: $800 for two back-to-back performances (Financial assistance is ...
    • In-School Programs

      filmtechschool.com/inschool.html If you're a middle school or high school teacher or administrator, we can work with you to develop video production programs to be taught at your school.
    • Online Schools & Programs | K12

      www.k12.com/schools-programs K-8 and High School Programs. Whether you choose K 12 's virtual public schooling or one of our online private school options, they share certain fundamentals in common.
    • In-School Programs | ABADA-Capoeira Bronx

      www.acbx.org/programs ACBX is available for in-school capoeira arts & physical education programs throughout the city. We create long and short term programs as well as one-time workshops ...
    • After School Programs | It's All About the Children

      afterschoolprograms.com After School Programs, ASP is the largest provider of quality on-site after school programs, tutoring and child care services.