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    en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Henry_the_Navigator Henry sponsored voyages, collecting a 20% tax (o quinto) on the profits made by naval expeditions, which was the usual practice in the Iberian states of that time.
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    www.newworldencyclopedia.org/entry/Henry_the_Navigator Henry the Navigator (1394 - 1460) was the third son of John I of Portugal, the founder of the Aviz dynasty; and of Philippa of Lancaster, the daughter of John of Gaunt.
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    www.britannica.com/biography/Henry-the-Navigator Henry the Navigator, Portuguese Henrique o Navegador, byname of Henrique, infante (prince) de Portugal, duque (duke) de Viseu, senhor (lord) da Covilhã (born March 4 ...
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      geography.about.com/od/historyofgeography/a/princehenry.htm Prince Henry the Navigator of Portugal established his institute at Sagres and expanded geographic knowledge, from your About.com Guide to Geography.
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      www.enchantedlearning.com/explorers/page/h/henry.shtml Prince Henry the Navigator: Royal Patron of Explorers go to printable version Prince Henry (Henrique) the Navigator (1394-1460) was a Portuguese royal prince, soldier ...
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      www.u-s-history.com/pages/h1118.html Henry the Navigator, son of King John I of Portugal, earned the respect of his countrymen early in life by his bravery in the Battle of Ceuta (1415), a victory over ...