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    en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Haptophyte The haptophytes, classified either as the Prymnesiophyta (named for Prymnesium) or Haptophyta, are a division of algae. The names Haptophyceae or Prymnesiophyceae are ...
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    www.life.umd.edu/labs/delwiche/PSlife/lectures/Haptophyta.html Haptophyta . Introduction. Also called the Prymnesiophyceae, or coccolithophorads. Coccolithophorad refers to their calcareous scales, called coccoliths, which are ...
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    eol.org/pages/3370/overview Haptophyta Aurearenophyceae; Bacillariophyceae; Bangiophyceae; Bicosea; Blastocystea; ... Encyclopedia of Life. Global Navigation. Education; Help; What is EOL? EOL ...
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      en.wiktionary.org/wiki/Haptophyta Haptophyta. Definition from Wiktionary, the free dictionary. Jump to: navigation, search. Contents. 1 Translingual. 1.1 Etymology; 1.2 Proper noun. 1.2.1 ...
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      www.els.net/WileyCDA/ElsArticle/refId-a0001981.html The haptophytes are a group of microalgae, mostlymarine, usually phototrophic, that possess a unique organelle, the haptonema, situated close to the flagella
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      www.creationwiki.org/Haptophyte Haptophyta's best-known organism contained within it is the coccolithophore. ... Almost every single haptophyte is marine, however some are freshwater organisms.
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      test2.wikipedia.org/wiki/Haptophyta Haptophyta. Titre : * id : 5191 * titre : Haptophyta * ns : * ns (int) : 0 * contentModel : wikitext >>>>> {{Hexasoft-test |règne=algue |nv=Haptophytes ...
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      cs.wikipedia.org/wiki/Haptophyta Haptophyta (případně Haptophytina, dříve též Prymnesiophyta) je skupina převážně mořských jednobuněčných bičíkovců s fotosyntetickou schopností.
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      culter.colorado.edu/lake-algae/taxa/phylum.php Rocky Mountain Lake Algae - an online database for ecological studies, supported by Niwot Ridge LTER
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      species.wikimedia.org/wiki/Haptophyta Division Haptophyta Hibberd 1972 ex Edvardsen and Eikrem in Edvardsen et al. 2000. Class Pavlovophyceae (Cavalier-Smith 1986) Green and Medlin in Edvardsen et al. 2000