• GOOTMU Review & Variant - Panix

    www.panix.com/~sos/bc/gootmu.html GOOTMU is a game I've played over a hundred times, yet look forward to hundreds more games. More than any other game, it's the one we pull out when there are just two ...
  • Jolly Game's GOOTMU

    www.silcom.com/~tomjolly/goothome.htm GOOTMU G.O.O.T.M.U is an abbreviation for "Get-Out-Of-The-Maze-Unit". To win the game you must find and retrieve the 3 pieces to your GOOTMU, while making it as ...
  • DMOZ - Games: Board Games: Exploration and Travel: GOOTMU

    www.dmoz.org/Games/Board_Games/Exploration_and_Travel/GOOTMU GOOTMU -- Steffan O'Sullivan's Review - An appreciation of a classic game, which stands for "Get-Out-Of-The-Maze Unit" - a little gizmo that works like a ...
    • MIT Strategic Games Society Games - scv.bu.edu

      scv.bu.edu/~aarondf/sgs/clubgames.html GOOTMU** Hannibal: Rome vs Carthage***** History of the World* Iron Dragon*** Klunker* Kremlin*** Magic, the Gathering*** Mamma Mia * Merchant of Venus** Modern Art**
    • GOOTMU -- Steffan O'Sullivan's Review - Artip

      nice.artip.ru/webopendirectory/games/.../gootmu-steffan-osullivans-review Announcement: GOOTMU Review & Variant An appreciation of a classic game Review by Steffan O'Sullivan This page last updated October 5, 1996 [URL above updated Sep. 14 ...
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      www.facebook.com/gootmusic Alex Goot. 1,183,081 likes ยท 2,131 talking about this. Alex Goot official site: http://gootmusic.com
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      www.boardgameprices.com/prices/gootmu G.O.O.T.M.U. (Get Out of the Maze Unit) is a maze game. The board set up with a number of tiles. You are trying to pick up all three parts of your GOOTMU so you can ...
    • Jolly Games - We Customize How Businesses Communicate

      www.silcom.com/~tomjolly Produces board and card games designed by Tom Jolly, co-designer of DiskWars, creator of Wiz-War, Drakon, Knots, GOOTMU, and Programmer's Nightmare.
    • Seattle Cosmic Game Night (Friday, 13 July 2001)

      www.ludism.org/sc/2001-07-13.html Seattle Cosmic Game Night (Friday, 13 July 2001) Moat Goo and Moot Go by Ron Hale-Evans. ... The Album of the Trailer of the Film of How Kathy Got Her GOOTMU Back.
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