• Glulx: A 32-Bit Virtual Machine for IF

    www.eblong.com/zarf/glulx What Is It? Glulx is a portable VM, like the Z-machine. Unlike the Z-machine, it uses 32-bit data and addresses, so it can handle game files up to four gigabytes long.
  • Glulx - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Glulx Glulx is a 32-bit portable virtual machine intended for writing and playing interactive fiction. It was designed by Andrew Plotkin to relieve some of the restrictions ...
  • Glulx - IFWiki

    www.ifwiki.org/index.php/Glulx Glulx is a virtual machine designed by Andrew Plotkin which by default uses the Glk Application Programming Interface (API). The Inform language can compile bytecode ...
    • Playing Interactive Fiction: Inform

      inform7.com/if/interpreters The "story files" created by Inform are not like text, ... Glulx was designed by Andrew Plotkin in the late 1990s as a next-generation IF virtual machine.
    • Glulx interpreter - IFWiki

      www.ifwiki.org/index.php/Interpreter An interpreter (or terp, for short) is a program which reads a story file and presents the game contained inside that file to the player. The interpreter itself is ...
    • Index: if-archive/games/glulx

      www.ifarchive.org/indexes/if-archiveXgamesXglulx.html This directory contains games in Glulx format. The games here can be played with the Glulxe interpreter, look in programming/glulx for a version for your system.
    • Glulx spec - E BLONG

      www.eblong.com/zarf/glulx/glulx-spec.html This document and further Glulx information can be found at:http://eblong.com/zarf/glulx/ 0. Introduction; 0.1. Why Bother? 0.2. Glulx and Other IF Systems; 0.3.
    • Index: if-archive/programming/glulx/interpreters/glulxe

      www.ifarchive.org/.../if-archiveXprogrammingXglulxXinterpretersXglulxe.html This directory contains files relating to Andrew Plotkin's Glulxe, an interpreter for the Glulx Virtual Machine.
    • Windows Glulxe and Windows Git - Virgin Media

      freespace.virgin.net/davidk.kinder/glulxe.html Windows Glulxe and Windows Git Windows Glulxe is an interpreter for text adventures in the Glulx format. which is a format designed by Andrew Plotkin to move beyond ...
    • Brass Lantern Downloading and Running Text Adventures: TADS 3 ...

      brasslantern.org/players/howto/tadownload-d.html If you're having trouble knowing what files to download in order to play text adventures, we can help. This page covers TADS 3 and Glulx games.