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    en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ginkgo Ginkgo is a genus of highly unusual non-flowering plants. The scientific name is also used as the English name. The order to which it belongs, Ginkgoales, first ...
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    botit.botany.wisc.edu/courses/systematics/Phyla/Ginkgophyta/Ginkgophyta.html Phylum. Ginkgophyta . Return to phylum directory Link to directory of image files of Ginkgo. Link to dendrology directory of image files of ...
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    people.uvawise.edu/swvaflora/Ginkgophyta.html Flora of Southwest Virginia Phylum Ginkgophyta. Ginkgo biloba is the only living species in this group of seed-bearing plants, although the "ginkgophytes" are known ...
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      petrifiedwoodmuseum.org/SOGinkgophyta.htm Division (Phylum) Ginkgophyta: The Maidenhair tree or Ginkgo biloba is the only living species representing ...
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      plants.usda.gov/java/ClassificationServlet Classification for Kingdom Plantae Down to Division Ginkgophyta. Click on names ... Division Ginkgophyta – Ginkgo : Contains 1 Class and 4 accepted taxa overall :
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      www.britannica.com/plant/ginkgophyte Ginkgophyte, any member of the division Ginkgophyta, a group of gymnospermous plants of particular interest to paleobotanists. Two of the three genera of ginkgophytes
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      www.ucmp.berkeley.edu/seedplants/ginkgoales/ginkgo.html Introduction to the Ginkgoales the ginkgos. What plant may cure Alzheimer's disease, increase circulation, tastes like almonds and smells like rancid butter?