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      www.angelfire.com/moon2/mystique_angel/Gardnerian.html Gardnerian The Gardnerian Tradition began with Gerald Gardner. He published several books about Witchcraft: 1949-High Magick's Aid, and 1954-Witchcraft Today.
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      gardnerians.wordpress.com I was initiated into the Gardnerian Third Degree last night* and since then I’ve had trouble sleeping. In a lot of ways my restlessness reminds me of Christmas Eve ...
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      moonpfyr.tripod.com/gardnerian.html There is not a lot of information about the Gardnerian Tradition available to non-initiates. The Gardnerian Tradition is the basis for most of Modern Wicca.
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      www.gardnerian.org Gardnerian ... Big Picture
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      gardneriannj.org What is a Gardnerian? We who are called Gardnerian are children of the Wica. We trace our initiation and practice to Gerald B. Gardner (1884-1964) , who stumbled upon ...

      www.desert-henge.webs.com/basics.htm This paper may be duplicated without charge so long as full credit is given to the author. It will be updated as input is submitted from other Gardnerians.
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      www.meetup.com/Gardnerian-Wicca We are a Wicca group that is lead by the one and only Ed Fitch. Ed is now the Senior High Priest of Gardnerian Wicca since Ray Buckland has retired.