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    www.forth.org The Forth Interest Group (FIG) was a world-wide, non-profit organization for education in and the promotion of the Forth computer language.
  • FIG-Forth Implementations

    www.forth.org/fig-forth/contents.html FIG-Forth Implementations. The original scanning of FIG-Forth Implementations was done by John Hall. Subsequently, Jay McKnight used the optical character recognition ...
  • Albert van der Horst "The Last Fig-Forth Ever" - HCC

    home.hccnet.nl/a.w.m.van.der.horst/figforth.html Based on the original IBM-XT figforth in MASM-format figforth8088.zip by Charlie Krajewski Middletown I have made a generic source system that allows me to generate a ...
    • FIG-FORTH Internals - Jim Brooks

      www.jimbrooks.org/programming/forth/forthInternals.php FIG-FORTH Internals. By Jim Brooks. Foreword. These are my notes from studying the source code of FIG-FORTH (specifically, 8086 FORTH for MSDOS) with the goal of ...
    • The Evolution of Forth

      www.forth.com/resources/evolution/index.html He was one of the founders of the Forth Interest Group, and contributed to the development of the first public-domain figForth. Subsequently, ...
    • Fig-FORTH – Nimble Machines

      www.nimblemachines.com/fig-forth fig-FORTH, the Forth Interest Group’s Forth standard, was my introduction, at the tender age of sixteen, to the magic and mystery of Forth. I spent hours poring ...
    • Download Fig-Forth v2 | PCWorld

      www.pcworld.com/product/952768/fig-forth-v2.html Covering everything from ultrabooks to servers, from Windows 8 to virtualization, PCWorld delivers the information and expert advice you need to get the job done.
    • The Evolution of Forth

      www.forth.com/resources/evolution/evolve_3.html 3 Forth Without Chuck Moore. microFORTH was heavily marketed, and attracted a lot of attention in the late '70s. One side effect of this was the growth of an active ...
    • Gforth - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

      en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gforth Gforth is a project to develop an implementation for ANSI Forth. It is part of the GNU Project. [2
    • FIG Forth UK - Yahoo! Groups

      groups.yahoo.com/group/fig-forth-uk This group is restricted to members of the Forth Interest Group UK. The Forth Interest Group UK (FIG UK) exists to promote the Forth programming language.