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    en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Falkland_Islands The Falkland Islands (/ ˈ f ɔː l k l ən d /; Spanish: Islas Malvinas [malˈβinas]) are an archipelago in the South Atlantic Ocean on the Patagonian Shelf.
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    www.falklands.gov.fk Welcome to the Falkland Islands. The Falkland Islands is a self-sufficient country with a long history and unique culture. The people of the Falkland Islands have the ...
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    en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Falklands_War Falklands War; Map outlining the British recapture of the islands: Date: 2 April – 14 June 1982 [1] [2] (2 months, 1 week and 5 days) Location
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      wikitravel.org/en/Falkland_Islands The Falkland Islands consist of two main islands and several hundred smaller islands in the South Atlantic, 300 miles off the east coast of southern South America.
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      www.infoplease.com/country/falkland-islands.html Information on Falkland Islands — geography, history, politics, government, economy, population statistics, culture, religion, languages, largest cities.
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      www.theguardian.com/uk/falklands Collection of articles from the Guardian on the Falklands War. Includes retrospective articles on the 20th anniversary of the war and contemporary articles written in ...
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      hif.wikipedia.org/wiki/Falkland_Islands Falkland Islands (nai to Spanish bhasa me Islas Malvinas) South Atlantic ocean me, South America se kuchh duur ek island ke jhund hae. Ii islands United Kingdom ke ...