• Endocrine Disruptors

    www.niehs.nih.gov/health/topics/agents/endocrine/index.cfm Endocrine disruptors are chemicals that may interfere with the body’s endocrine system and produce adverse developmental, reproductive, neurological, and immune ...
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    en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Endocrine_disruptor Endocrine disruptors are chemicals that, at certain doses, can interfere with the endocrine (or hormone) system in mammals. These disruptions can cause cancerous ...
  • Dirty Dozen Endocrine Disruptors | EWG

    www.ewg.org/research/dirty-dozen-list-endocrine-disruptors There is no end to the tricks that endocrine disruptors can play on our bodies: increasing production of certain hormones; decreasing production of others; imitating ...
    • Endocrine Disruption | US EPA

      www.epa.gov/endocrine-disruption Information on endocrine disrupting chemicals and EPA's regulatory requirements
    • 12 Worst Endocrine Disruptors That Can Wreck Your Health

      articles.mercola.com/sites/articles/archive/.../worst-endocrine-disruptors.aspx Bisphenol-A (BPA), dioxin, and atrazine are some of the worst endocrine disruptors that can increase your family’s cancer risk.
    • Scientific Facts on Endocrine Disruptors

      www.greenfacts.org/en/endocrine-disruptors/endocrine-disruptors.htm 1. What are Endocrine Disruptors (EDCs)? 1.1 The endocrine system is a set of glands and the hormones they produce, which help guide the development, growth ...
    • Endocrine Disruptors | NRDC

      www.nrdc.org/health/effects/qendoc.asp NRDC: Endocrine Disruptors ... What is the endocrine system? What is an endocrine disruptor? What are some likely routes of exposure to endocrine disruptors?
    • WHO | Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals (EDCs)

      www.who.int/ceh/risks/cehemerging2/en State of the Science of Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals (WHO, 2002) ... UNEP/WHO side event and technical briefing of ICCM3 on endocrine disruptors in Nairobi, 2012;
    • Endocrine-Disrupting Chemicals

      www.endocrine.org/~/media/endosociety/files/.../edc_scientific_statement.pdf An Endocrine Society Scientific Statement The Endocrine Society Scientific Statements are designed ... F. Endocrine disruptors and cardiovascular systems
    • NIEHS Endocrine Disruptors fact sheet

      www.niehs.nih.gov/health/materials/endocrine_disruptors_508.pdf Endocrine Disruptors What are endocrine disruptors? Endocrine disruptors are naturally occurring compounds or man-made substances that may mimic